Integrate the logistical needs of our clients, arming and recruiting the ideal options  to transfer, under the same name,  commercial and economical benefits to achieve a mutual growth. Adding our aggregated value: Customer Service/Follow Up/Updated information.


Consolidate ourselves as the leader operator of logistical solutions in the guild,  distinguished for providing an optimal customer service, projecting confidence and back up in the freight service.


We are a logistic service provider focused on providing service options to our clients, adding to each one of this, an optimal personalized follow up, professional updated consultation and agile solutions across the supply chain.

Our aggregated value has been to give our users a different service, focusing on a follow up and constant information, transferring highly competitive rates  and adaptable to the needs of each market.

We have a network of commercial partners who have a wide popularity around the world, with whom we share the same work philosophy, that has allowed us to fulfill our quality standards.

We were created with the support and backup of one of the groups with the biggest trajectory, experience and  acknowledge in the Guatemalan guild shipping groups, adopting their mission, vision, quality policies and aggregated value: Customer Service


  • We provide an honest, safe and dependable service; to achieve this, we hire highly capable staff.


  • We continuously verify our internal procedures, to apply the corrective and preventive actions that are necessary to guarantee a continuous improvement in our service.


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